Me on the Beach

Running along the beach

At Swansea my legs move like

A cartoon cat in slow

Motion my feet make thud-

Thudding sounds on the

Sand sending clouds of light

Brown flying into the air

Particle emission bumbling

Electron clouds to my left

And right wind is pulling at

My clothes hair safe under

A hood and the sound of the

Sea splashing waves

Thudding feet and my gasping

Breath all form a landscape

In my mind giving birth to

A soundscape of colours I can

See Mumbles across the Bay

Keep on running running funny

Colours ringing in my ears

Until I have spent all my

Breath and my legs refuse

To move a final thud

And sprawled I lie on the

Beach, dropped my body right

Into the sand, one big cloud

Now flying grains around

Me one big electron cloud

Bohr would have been

Inspired I think as I catch

My breath

Raindrops slowly start

Slowly hitting my bare hands

Like liquid grains of sand

I might as well stay here and

Rot the strange fishy

Decomposing smell of

Swansea Bay creeping into my nose

While rain tries to embalm

Me on the beach.


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