Cymru, Dydd Mercher

A place like a different home

The dragon is haunting your dreams

Another place

A different tongue

A red on green and white

Rough hills

Creeks cutting through

Slate slopesides

Changing face of sun and clouds

On grey-green glens

Foaming waterfalls leaving white trails

And wind is tugging at me,

Tousling my hair

Sprays of rain,

Showers of hail,

Wandering sun

And glistening rocks

There in the far distance

Yr Wyddfa, which I've never seen

The rolling hills right here I see

Rocky snow-covered mountain tops

And the wild coast waiting out there

Savage and cultivated forests

White sheep, dots on green slopes

Small town market

Winding alleyways

And people speaking in tongues

Wild Wales entangles

Whoever ventures too close...

(260395 Caerfyrddin, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, Tregaron, Llyn Brianne, Aberteifi)

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