Another Collection of Egyptian Insights by Iskandra


Scorching touch of sun
The Aten's hands reach out on
Top of Deir el Bahri's cliffs.



Spirit of Sethos
Claims this funerary cone
Presents it to me.

Egyptologist cries out
Taken out of its context
Torn from where it belongs
But museums' clutches
Cannot reach it now.
Better to be buried again under
Dusty glass and ignored
By passing tourists and scientists alike?
Sethos is whispering to me
Curiosity and a sense of righteousness
Get the better of me.
Tomb-robbers' precious
Is now mine.



There's a funny woman
Sitting in the shade
Of Shepenwepet's chapel,
Gazing into the cella.
Waiting for a confused tourist
To stumble over her.
Her lucky day today
A specimen soon turns up
And is treated
To a lengthy string of sentences like a queen's beaded necklace,
Learns things he never even asked for,
Until a ghaffir gets annoyed
And frowns upon the funny woman.


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