I was left alone

In these dark passageways

This deadly cold

Almost helpless I lay

Naked, as if I were prey

Creeping like a silent worm

Out of hell and I say

Calling Death does no good

I would pray if I could

That somebody may find me

And carries away

All these dangers, engulfing

Strke and lead them astray

Just to get me out

Of my mortal body

That I can take

What they call revenge

I could leave this hole

This dark underground

Where others left me alone

Where I may just putrefy

I would seek my own

Destiny which is shown

In the mirror that it seems

My heart has turned into

It will never end

I know I cannot defend myself

Against all those enemies

Out there

I am gazing at the stars

I will never reach

As they did teach

I am just a nameless

Mortal soul

Damned now to

Living in this hole

Drained by thoughts so huge


There is no shelter

Absolutely no refuge

I am backing out, I see

They keep me from believing

That I could see reality

The only fear that they might have

Catching my breath

I try some new approach

Yes, I see that it can be done

By me, just flesh, so

Tender flesh and bone

I shall win

I shall wear my grim smile

Wish me luck, they will learn

To fear -

(sandy 021191)