Somewhere, somewhen, we are all alone.

There is a point where we are left to our own devices, where no one can follow us and help us, where there is no one to talk to, no one you can trust. We have to walk this path alone. Our decisions our choices our destiny. We have to be prepared to be alone, prepared to walk on in solitude, to try and to fail. Even in our failures we are left alone. No one will pick up the pieces and continue our path. Our failures are absolute. Failing in solitude might seem a big threat to you, but it is equally heart-rending if you cannot share victories. What use is a great victory if you only have yourself to be with. Why be ambitious, if, at some point, it will only lead to your personal prison of solitude? I digress. There is one absolute power in solitude. They can't hurt you. In despair there is always hope. You don't need any gods, you have your self, and as long as you can feel this self, your failure will never be complete. You can save yourself. Nothing can take that self away from you. Even in solitude. You are afraid? You are sad? I know. I have been there, and I can feel it even now. But if you are there, in the deep, dark abyss of loneliness, you still have the hope that it is already the bottom. Even if you tr y to, you can't go deeper than the deepest pit of your own self. Once you have been there and come back to tell the tale, you know that. We are all afraid to go back, to find ourselves once more in this place of utter helplessness, and still, even though we fear it, we can live with it. Only that we have to walk the final steps alone. In solitude.


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